• Effigi

    The photo series EFFIGI connects the inner and the outer view of reality. It was realized while travelling through Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa. Where is the border between the inner and the outer view of a scene? Where is the real reality for us? Everybody lives in their own world. We create an understanding of our surroundings through our social and acquisitioned memories. The feeling we get from a moment and its acceptance depends on all the memories of our lives. EFFIGI is a photographical experiment, with the aim of presenting two perspectives of one experience. It connects drawings (inner view) with copies (photography) of reality. It is an examination of reality and a media reflection of photography itself. Using carbon paper, Mastrototaro drew, from memory, his impression of the original experience over the actual photograph. In this way he created a juxtaposition between the dry documentation of the photograph and his personal experience of the event.